Saturday, August 7, 2010

RSPCA where does all the money go?

It is impossible to find out where all the millions of dollars go. Apart from the local fundraising that is plowed back in the community no funding from head office is ever being spend on animal welfare. Are these people getting ready for retirement?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is free from RSPCA control and you can say what you wish

Since the RSPCA has torn down a very successful animal shelter from its foundations.

The Waipa District Council after getting quoted negatively in the news papers have actively been distancing from any bad press the RSPCA has brought onto itself by making false statements and streching the truth to fit their story. The RSPCA is beyond any law, they can do as they like. As a organisation they also have a responsibility to help and work with organisations especially their own. But the inspectors have grown outside their boots and think they are gods that can do as they like. Last month they got asurances from layers that would give expertise free of charge. All the moneys raised for the SPCA goes on over $100k salaries and flash cars for the directors and Inspectors to drive around the country site, not to mention all the air travel. Not much goes on animal welfare.

The fact remains is that the shelter in Te Awamutu is almost beyond saving. The bills are mounting up, the power is about to be turned off, the mortgage has not been paid and the the under managed business is not in very good shape.
On top of everything people that are wanting to adopt dogs are being turned away because the Inspectors have to OK any adoptions but are unable to work with the skeleton staff.

Red my adopted dog was sadly put down after 
both the RSPCA and the Waipa District Council dog control officer ignored the rules set down in the Animal Welfare act.

We need to bring this unjust act to a close as the animals in Te Awamutu are getting a raw deal.